The Best Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance(2022)

Full coverage car insurance offers more protection for higher premiums than liability-only car insurance. A liability policy only covers damage to other drivers. Full coverage is more expensive because it includes liability coverage plus collision and comprehensive coverage, which protect you against damage to your car in most types of accidents. If you have a car loan or lease, your lender will typically require full coverage.

How to get cheap full coverage insurance

In the short term, there are two ways to get cheaper full coverage car insurance: shop around and reduce coverages.

Shop around to see if different insurance companies give you different full coverage rates, with the potential to get the same coverage for a lower price.

Reduce coverage you don’t need to lower your rates. You’ll get less protection from the insurer, but the trade-off may be worth it, depending on your personal situation.

How to shop around for full coverage insurance

The goal of shopping around is to find equivalent insurance protection for a lower price. When comparing policies with different insurers, you should make sure that you:

  • Select consistent liability limits. If you shop with an insurer and select $25,000 in bodily injury liability per person, $50,000 in bodily injury liability per accident and $25,000 in property damage liability per accident, you should select the same with comparison insurers.
  • Choose the same deductible for comprehensive and collision insurance. Increasing your deductible lowers the cost of your policy and vice versa.
  • Set the same coverage limits for all other coverages, such as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection and more. Additional protections cost more money.

If you follow these steps, you’ll find that different insurers will offer the same coverage for varying prices. The best and cheapest car insurance company for your neighbor may not be the same as the best one for you.

How to find the best cheap full coverage car insurance

The best way to find affordable full-coverage car insurance is to compare quotes from multiple carriers. While Travelers and USAA were the cheapest according to our rate analysis, many other companies offered affordable full coverage. To get a sense of where to start your search, review the cheapest full-coverage auto insurance companies. FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE RATES

CompanyAvg. Monthly Premium
American Family$131
State Farm$131

How Much is Full Coverage Car Insurance in Your State?

Car insurance is regulated by the states, so the cheapest companies for full coverage at a national level might not necessarily be the cheapest company in your state. MoneyGeek found that GEICO, the cheapest company for full coverage nationally, is also most likely to be the cheapest on average in your state. It had the lowest rates in 24 of the 50 states plus Washington D.C.

State Farm is the cheapest for full coverage in nine states, while both Nationwide and Erie — the cheapest option in three states each — round out the top four.

However, If your military background makes you eligible, USAA could be your cheapest choice. It was the most affordable for our sample driver in 38 states.

Browse to your state below to learn more about the cheapest full coverage policies where you live.


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