Review of robotic vacuum cleaner eufy robot vacuum reviews

Review of robotic vacuum cleaner eufy robot vacuum reviews

Today we’ll be focusing and review of robotic vacuum eufy cleaner, and more specifically, their brand new robot vacuum cleaners. These are X8 and X8 Hybrid eufy newest and best robotic vacuum cleaners. And we’re going to be breaking down all the specs and features in this post to see just how good they are.

The Eufy Robo vacuum  X8 is a smart, affordable, and feature-packed robotic vacuum cleaner. It offers most of the features you’d expect from a high-end model and even more.

The robotic vacuum cleanerX8 has two cleaning modes: regular and intense. It can run for up to two hours at a time before needing to charge again. You can set an automated schedule so the robot cleans while you’re away from home or when you’re asleep at night. You can also control the vacuum manually using your smartphone or tablet if you prefer.

 Eufy robot vacuum X8 is one of the best robotic vacuums in the market. It has a lot of features and functionality, which makes it stand out from other competitors.

This vacuum is made for people who want to clean their homes without doing all the work themselves. It does not only clean your floor but also picks up dust, dirt and pet hair, leaving your house fresh and clean.

Main feature about this eufy robot vacuum

The main feature about this eufy X8 robotic vacuum is its ability to map out your house and clean all areas without missing a spot. It has a high-performance suction with brushless motor that prevents clogging and extends the lifespan of your device. It also has an anti-scratch tempered glass bumper that cleans all types of surfaces like hardwood floors, carpet, tile and more. The vacuum cleaner comes with three cleaning modes.
  • Auto mode (set it once and let it do its job).
  • Edge mode (for those hard-to-reach places).
  • Manual mode (for quick touchups).
We’ll start off with the unboxing so you can see what you get in the box, but also to show you how nicely these are both presented. You fear out here treating robotic vacuum cleaner  to luxury packaging, so you first get the paperwork, including the quick start guide in the owner’s manual. You then have the robotic vacuum cleaner itself and underneath the accessories.

Includes the eufy X8 robotic vacuum cleaner

  1. A bare side brush
  2. Cable ties
  3. The power adapter
  4. The charging base
  5. Additional dust filter

Includes the eufy X8 hybrid model

  1. You also get the Mop attachment
  2. A waterproof pad
  3. a microfiber reusable mop pad
  4. Some disposable pads as well.

The robotic vacuum cleaner themselves will seem familiar to owners of previous models.

Robotic vacuum cleaner that traditional round shape with a glossy surface housing, the control buttons, the auto clean start button, the recharge button for sending the device back home, and finally the spot cleaning button for intensely cleaning a specific area. You’ll also notice the blue and pink accents for the design on the X Eight and the gold accents on the hybrid, so there is a slight difference in the design.

The charging base has been well designed, too. It has a minimal and assuming design that will sit discreetly against a wall in your home. And there’s a neat cable management system for keeping everything tidy.

The robotic vacuum cleaner have a bumper at the front, along with the infrared and wall sensors, ventilation holes at the sides, the dust collector release button at the rear, and the laser distance sensor on top. Underneath you’ll find the drop sensors, the charging contact pins, the side and rolling brushes, and the wheels for navigation. The only difference between the X Eight and the X Eight Hybrid is the latter’s Mop functionality. They otherwise have exactly the same features suction power, battery life, and smart technology. But because of the water tank attachment on the hybrid, it does have a slightly smaller dust collector capacity, so that might be something to consider too.

Eufy X8 hybrid robot vacuum reviews

The water tank is equally as simple to remove from the X Eight hybrids, and you can easily swap out either the Reusable or Disposable mop pads. If you want to use the mop feature, simply fill the tank, install the mop pad, and then snap the tank back into the robotic vacuum, which will automatically switch to mop mode once it detects the tank is installed. So far, this will all seem fairly familiar to previous robotic vacuum owners.

Eufy X8 robot vacuum reviews

The X Eight series bring some key new features that make them the best robotic vacuum yet. Perhaps the most important is that they introduced the world’s first twin-turbine technology, with each delivering a suction power of 2000 Pascals. This provides an 80% increase in airflow over previous models.

AI map technology

Another upgrade is to Eufee’s AI map technology, which now means the robotic vacuum has multi-floor mapping capability. The X Eight and X Eight hybrid can scan and save maps of multiple floors, so you can buy just one RoboVac to cover your entire home without overwriting the previous map each time.
The robotic vacuum will automatically recognize their environment and then proceed to clean with the corresponding map, remembering all of the rooms and settings you saved before. Or it will generate a new map if it’s a new area, you don’t even need to move the base station between floors.

You can just place the robotic vacuum where you want it to clean, and it will scan to recognize the surroundings. Or you can simply buy a second charging base and swap the robotic vacuum between bases as you please. Further, improvements to the mapping technology now allow you to select specific rooms to clean or to tap anywhere on the map to send the robotic vacuum to a specific location for cleaning. So essentially, these are the smartest robotic vacuum we’ve seen so far. The laser distance sensor is a fantastic feature for quickly and accurately mapping out your home in real-time using AI.

This allows the robotic vacuum to intelligently plan an efficient route through your home without the need to keep bumping into the walls, as is the usual navigation method of cheaper, less capable robot vacuum cleanings. If you ever decide to move the charging base, you don’t need to remap your home from scratch. The robotic vacuum will simply scan its environment and then automatically update the map with the new charging base position before carrying on as normal. It’s pretty clever. The laser also makes it easier for the robotic vacuum to quickly adapt to changes in the environment and then continue with normal navigation, so there’s far less chance of a disruption to the usual navigation path.

Eufy app 

It makes the robotic vacuum  smart and efficient, and it separates them from the entry-level models. The eufy app is the best way to show you what these robotic vacuum  can do, and in my opinion, is one of the best reasons to buy a eufy robotic vacuum . Because the entire interface has been designed in a really intuitive and user-friendly way. It looks great in either light or dark modes.
You can change the layout to give you quick access to cleaning controls, and with the widget, you don’t even need to open the UFI app. You can start to clean right from the widget, even if you have more than one eufy robotic vacuum to control. With multiple eufy robotic vacuum, the app makes it easy to view, switch between and control them, so after selecting the one you’re brought to the main screen. Here you’ll see the map generated by the eufy robotic vacuum, which you can Zoom into and rotate so it makes sense to you. And this map, of course, will constantly be improved and tweaked with successive cleans to account for new objects in your home areas it previously missed, or if you reposition the charging base.

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