The Best Car Insurance Quotes For Young Drivers

Best car Insurance Quotes

The best car insurance comparison sites are the ones that will give you information on how much a particular policy will cost, how it’s structured and what types of coverages are included in the policy.

The key to finding the right policy is comparing the features offered by different companies. You want to make sure that your car insurance policy meets your needs and protects you from financial losses if something happens to your car.

Here are some tips for finding the best auto insurance company for you:

Reviews: offers reviews from consumers and insurance companies on various policies. The site also includes an online tool that can help you compare policies side by side so you can see which one is best for you. This site lists quotes from multiple companies based on a variety of factors including location, type of vehicle, and personal details about drivers like age and gender. A simple quote request can help determine if there are any discounts available for certain drivers or locations, which could save money in the long run.

State Farm: State Farm has a dedicated website called StateFarmCarQuotes that allows users to enter their zip code and see how much they could save on car insurance by comparing quotes from multiple providers at once.

Car insurance comparison sites can help you get the best deal.

Insurers offer a range of different premiums, but if you’re not sure what to do next, it’s worth looking at some of the top car insurance comparison sites for your region.

Compare multiple providers side by side and see what each cover. You can also see how much each one will charge you in different circumstances. For example, if you have a good driving record, you may be able to save on your premium by opting for a cheaper insurer.

Car insurance comparison sites are becoming more popular, but they’re not always the best choice. The main reason is that these sites often don’t provide you with the most accurate information on your premiums. Many of them use outdated data and don’t cover some of the most important insurance claims.

So, if you want to save money on car insurance and make sure you have the right coverage, it’s important to shop around before choosing an online comparison site.

Car insurance comparison sites are a great way to save money on your car insurance. When you shop around and compare rates, you get to see how much different companies charge for the same coverage.

Car insurance comparison sites can help you find the best deals by finding out which companies offer discounts based on your driving history, location, and other factors. You can also find out if your policy is underwritten by an independent agent or agency because they tend to offer better deals than their parent company.

If you’re shopping around for car insurance, here are some tips:

Look at multiple companies’ websites. Visit each company’s website and compare prices across different products (e.g., liability coverage). Make sure that all of the quotes include collision damage waiver (CDW) coverage at no extra cost — it’s one of the most important parts of any auto insurance policy!

Read reviews from past customers before choosing a company. Check out reviews from consumer groups like J.D. Power and Associates, Consumer Reports, and The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). These organizations have been rating insurers since 1947!

Compare quotes from multiple carriers before deciding which one to choose for your needs

What is the best car insurance comparison site?

What website compares car insurance rates? Insurify, The Zebra, and Gabi are the only websites that allow users to compare car insurance rates in real-time. Insurify, which partners with top national providers like Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, and Travelers, displays the most car insurance quotes

Comparison sites allow users to compare real, accurate, and personalized insurance quotes online. These sites streamline the insurance-buying process by making it easier for customers to enter their information just once to view quotes from multiple providers on a single page. This way, drivers can find the best and cheapest policy in the shortest amount of time.

Comparison shopping just once a year can shave hundreds of dollars off your insurance premium. However, according to a Statista study, only about 27 percent of American drivers buy insurance online, let alone compare quotes online before buying a policy. If you fall into that category, no worries—here’s how it works.

First, there are two types of insurance comparison sites:

  • Quote-comparison sites
  • Lead-generation sites

You submit basic information about yourself, your car, and your coverage needs with both options. But that’s where the similarities end.

Quote-Comparison Sites

Quote-comparison sites give you rates from multiple car insurance providers so you can review the options and decide which quotes to pursue.

When comparison shopping, you’ll come across some sites that provide real-time insurance quotes and others that give an estimate. Estimated quotes use historical data that may not have the most up-to-date information. Real-time quotes are much more accurate, as they’re sourced from insurance companies directly.

Once you’ve made your choice, the comparison site transfers your data to the agent or company. The site helps the purchasing process go more quickly and smoothly by sharing your information. An important thing to note is that reputable insurance quote comparison services won’t sell your information to auto insurance companies or agencies.

Lead-Generation Sites

Lead-generation sites collect your information with the promise of giving you multiple quotes to compare. However, these sites often sell your information to advertising partners like insurance companies and agencies.

You generally want to avoid lead-generation sites. They’re not built to provide personalized quotes, and they’re not much help when you’re trying to get accurate pricing information. Plus, you could end up getting tons of cold calls from insurance phone banks and desperate agents.

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The Best and Worst Car Insurance Quote-Comparison Sites

With dozens of insurance websites at your fingertips, it can be overwhelming to pick the best insurance shopping experience. To help you choose, here’s a comprehensive list of the best and worst sites to compare car insurance quotes on.

  1. Insurify
  2. The Zebra
  3. Gabi
  4. Policygenius
  6. SmartFinancial
  7. Bankrate
  8. QuoteWizard
  9. ValuePenguin
  10. Otto
Comparison SiteShopper Approved ReviewsTrustpilot ReviewsReal-Time Quotes
Insurify4.8 stars3.4 stars8
The Zebra4.8 stars4.1 stars2
PolicygeniusN/A4.8 stars0
Compare.com4.8 stars3.2 stars0
BankrateN/A3.3 stars0
QuoteWizardN/A3.0 stars0
ValuePenguinN/A2.9 stars0
OttoN/A4.5 stars0


Insurify tops the list ranking as the #1 insurance comparison platform in the U.S. It’s quick, easy to use, and free.

Drivers love Insurify because it provides real-time quotes from top insurance companies. That way, you get legitimate rates from some of the most reputable insurers. The site offers quotes from a variety of providers in all 50 states.

How Insurify Works

You start by entering your ZIP code, car information, and driver details. You’ll then have to choose whether to add comprehensive and collision coverage. Next, Insurify asks for your name, birth date, and other information to match you with available discounts.

The form asks if you’re currently insured and a few questions about your driving history. Then, you’ll enter your email, phone number, and address to streamline the process and get accurate quotes from top insurance companies like Liberty Mutual and Nationwide.

Insurify partners with over 200 insurance companies throughout the U.S., including both regional and big-name national providers. It can match you with personalized discounts and coverage options all in a matter of minutes. The site works well on mobile and desktop browsers, and also offers a user-friendly app.

In addition to using Insurify to compare quotes for car insurance, users can also compare quotes for home and renters insurance, all on the same comparison platform. Insurify has paired millions of drivers and homeowners with their perfect insurance policies.


Insurify provided quotes from eight different companies. The site listed the name of the insurer and the quoted price, along with any reduced prices and available deals.

After comparing rates, you have the option to view more details about the offer and to continue the quote process with the company of your choice. Alternatively, you can purchase a policy on Insurify itself. The questionnaire is fast and simple, and Insurify users can secure coverage in two minutes.

Why You Should Trust Insurify

Founded in 2013, Insurify has built a reputation for pairing users with personalized and accurate real-time quotes sourced directly through its partnerships with America’s leading insurance providers, including Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Allstate, and Progressive.

In addition to its partnerships with top national and regional providers, Insurify also powers insurance comparison platforms for Toyota Insurance Management Solutions and Nationwide. Suffice it to say, Insurify provides a legitimate, comprehensive insurance comparison platform recognized and trusted across America.

Top 5 Advantages of Insurify

  1. Partners with most of America’s top national and regional companies
  2. Displays legitimate quotes in real-time
  3. Offers a quick sign-up process
  4. Protects your data so you’re not bothered by unsolicited phone calls
  5. The excellent mobile app experience

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The Zebra

The Zebra is another auto insurance comparison site. It aims to simplify insurance by giving you real-time quotes. And, like Insurify, The Zebra is free to use.

You can get coverage no matter where you live—the site partners with more than 30 top providers and offers quotes in all 50 states. The company got its start in auto insurance. However, you can also use it to compare home, renters, and condo insurance policies.

How The Zebra Works

To get quotes from The Zebra, you have to first enter your zip code. You’ll then be directed to enter additional information, like whether you currently have car insurance and whether you own or rent your home.

After that, the site asks for information about your vehicle and insurance history before moving into questions about you and other drivers who may be on the policy. You also have the option to create an account and save your information for easier access next time.


The Zebra delivered fewer results compared to the options offered by Insurify. Still, the auto insurance companies were reputable and included well-known names, like Liberty Mutual.

After comparing options and choosing an insurer, you click through to complete your quote with your preferred company. The Zebra transfers your data to the provider to streamline the process.


  • Shows quotes in real time
  • Partners with reputable, well-known insurers


  • Users can’t complete their purchase on the site itself


Gabi is an online insurance broker. The site lets you compare multiple quotes and offers policies in all 50 states. However, Gabi doesn’t offer a real-time experience. That is, someone from the Gabi team will send you a follow-up email with personalized rates within 48 hours.

The company works with over 40 insurers to help you find affordable car insurance. With Gabi, you’ll see policies from Travelers, Safeco, Clearcover, and Nationwide to name a few.

You can get quotes for the landlord, renters, home, and umbrella insurance if you’re looking for additional coverage.

How Gabi Works

The first question Gabi asks when you request a quote is the name of your current insurer. Gabi then requires you to key in your phone number, where it sends you a six-digit verification code. Gabi also requires you to consent to market text messages, calls, and pre-recorded messages before continuing.

After you verify your phone number, you’ll enter basic information about your address, vehicle, and driving history.

Alternatively, you can upload your current policy to the Gabi website, from which a Gabi team member will glean your information. They will then send you insurance quotes via email within 48 hours.


Gabi only listed one car insurance quote, for Travelers, along with an ad for Progressive that displayed no price, despite advertising that it works with 40+ insurers.

Overall, Gabi doesn’t seem to provide much value or save you much time when shopping for auto insurance.


  • Partners with well-known insurance providers
  • Captures your information from your current insurance policy


  • Doesn’t show that many quotes in real time
  • Takes up to 48 hours to email your quotes

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Like Insurify and The Zebra, Policygenius is an online insurance marketplace. It helps you compare car insurance policies from multiple companies. In addition to auto insurance, the comparison site can help you get a great deal on a home, disability, and renters insurance.

Policygenius claims to save drivers an average of $435 per year on auto insurance. The site also claims to save shoppers an average of 35 percent when bundling home and auto insurance through their platform.

How Policygenius Works

When you shop with the Policygenius marketplace, you start by entering your ZIP code. You’ll also choose whether you want to bundle your auto insurance coverage with homeowners insurance to qualify for additional savings.

The site asks about your current auto insurance company, policy length, and cost. It then asks you to list out every address you’ve lived at for three years before it moves onto details like claims history, driving record, name, and address.

You’re also required to put in your occupation, personal annual income, credit score, and vehicle make and model.


Policygenius doesn’t display real-time prices when getting an auto insurance quote. Similar to Gabi, Policygenius offers to send you personalized quotes by email or phone.

One perk of Policygenius is that it specializes in comparing bundled home and auto insurance quotes. This focus can save homeowners time when shopping for coverage. It’s also a good bet if you’re looking to bundle policies, but it may not be the best choice when comparing auto insurance quotes.


  • Offers quotes for bundling your car and home insurance


  • Doesn’t display quotes in real time
  • Long sign-up process

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While isn’t an insurance broker, it is an option for comparison shopping online. The site says it works with over 50 auto insurance companies to help you find the best price. Partners include Travelers, Nationwide, USAA, and Elephant. generally has positive reviews from drivers who use the site to get quotes. However, there’s a key difference between this comparison tool and others—how it uses your data.

The company’s terms and conditions say that when you provide your phone number and click “continue,” you’re giving “consent to receive marketing calls and/or SMS text messages, including the use of pre-recorded messages.”

Put simply, shares your phone number with its representatives, providers, and partners. The company’s list of partners includes All Web Leads, QuoteWizard, MediaAlpha, Hometown Quotes, and Avenge Digital.

And here’s the kicker: using this site means you give consent for calls and text messages even if you’re on a “do not call” list.

How Works

To get a quote on, you’ll enter your ZIP code and other identifying details, vehicle information, and driving history.

You must enter your email address to see your rates, but your phone number isn’t required. Remember that will share your phone number if you provide it, which could result in numerous unwanted telephone calls and text messages.

Results provides options for minimum coverage, basic coverage, plus coverage, and premium coverage. Each level offers additional protection for you and your vehicle.

When shopping for car insurance through, users don’t always get a quote. In this instance, no quotes were presented for any of the coverage levels.’s quote list only presented one ad for Allstate, inviting users to get a quote from the insurance provider directly. occasionally provides quotes instead of ads, depending on your location.

Users who click on the Allstate ad are sent to its website, where some of the information you shared with is prefilled. However, you have to provide a lot of additional details before you can receive an actual quote from Allstate itself.


  • Shows some quotes in real time
  • Partners with some well-known insurance providers


  • Doesn’t offer as many quotes as Insurify
  • Users get multiple phone calls and texts within minutes of signing up
  • Users can’t complete their purchase on the site itself


SmartFinancial offers more than auto insurance. You can also get home, life, health, Medicare, and commercial business coverage.

The company partners with over 200 insurance companies. SmartFinancial claims to sort through all 200 providers to find the best rates while also checking for discounts.

How SmartFinancial Works

After entering your type of car and answering questions about your driving history, you must enter a valid address and phone number to view your rates.

The online form was quick and simple to fill out. It is one of the most user-friendly options when it comes to online insurance comparison sites.


After going through the process, SmartFinancial showed three results. Getting so few results was disappointing, considering the company claims to work with over 200 insurance companies. The results didn’t include car insurance premiums. It also didn’t show details about the amount of coverage or policy limits.

Each recommended car insurance company had a “view my quote” button to get more information. But clicking it redirects users to that provider’s website to complete yet another form to get a quote from that company.


  • The very quick sign-up process


  • Doesn’t display quotes in real time
  • Primarily displays ads


Bankrate is an online content hub that provides readers with guides and tools to help with all things personal finance, from mortgage rate calculators to credit card reviews. Now, users can compare car insurance quotes by using its online quote comparison tool.

The comparison tool is powered by Bankrate’s corporate affiliate,, and while it offers a route to quotes from top companies, most quotes displayed to users are advertisements.

How Bankrate Works

Using Bankrate’s comparison tool is a little confusing. After filling out a basic questionnaire about yourself, your car, and your insurance history, you can either click “continue,” or choose to search directly with insurance companies like Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and Allstate.

The “continue” button will take you to a secondary form where you will fill out a few more questions about your vehicle. “Searching directly” takes you to a pop-up with advertisements.

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